Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

Okay, let’s lead off with a subject that I think is a challenge for everyone (alternative ed and comprehensive schools).  So it is being found that the most distracting thing for students in class is their personal electronic devices (PEDs) and the common response is that is part of the 21st century skills so deal with it.  But many know that in many cases a student on a PED in class is typically not looking for the “answer” or information to enhance the class but rather they are looking at text, snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and even more that may not be good to list here.  So here is the question and/or discussion point:  How does your program manage PEDs and their use in an alternative program?  Let’s go folks, weigh in and let’s hear from everyone!cell phone


6 thoughts on “Cell Phones and Electronic Devices”

  1. At Heather Ridge, all cell phones are turned in upon arrival. The students do not have access to their phones during the school day. They are returned to the students before boarding the buses at the end of the day. This year, we went one-to-one with Chromebooks for instruction. We have issues with students contacting friends in other schools using Google Docs and other platforms, but we do our best to shut these down as they occur.


      1. We do have students who try to hide their devices. We use a metal detector wand on every student when they enter the building. If we find a phone and the student refuses to surrender it, they are sent to one of our alternative placements within the building until they comply. Parents are contacted when this happens and administration gets involved.


  2. What if we incorporated the use of technology and phones in our instruction? What if we were intentional about using cell phones as research resources? I have found students to be mnuch more cooperative in putting them away when they know they are able to use them as tools some of the time duribg instruction.


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