Call for Topics

My apologies for not putting up new topics but honestly, we have been just trying to spread the word and get this up and running.  But in attempts to get it up and running, this is a blog post to simply call for topics of interests that you the members of the NAEA and professionals in the field want to discuss, ask about, or just talk to others about.  So let’s hear from you.  Use the comment feature to give thoughts and ideas for future posts.  Remember this is a community type blog and I simply serve as the moderator/blog poster.  So don’t wait let me hear you!!!



2 thoughts on “Call for Topics”

  1. District Alternative Education Programs (DAEP) and characteristics of the top performing or most impressionable DAEP in the nation. Also any topics addressing:
    *the importance of meeting students right where they are and methods to do so
    *assisting students in building a sense of basic trust and mutuality
    *teaching strategies that work and those that do not work in the District Alternative Education Program (DAEP) classroom


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