Welcome to the NAEA Blog

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Well here it is in its early form, the National Alternative Education Association blog.  It is our hope that this will be another avenue to network with colleagues and “experts” in the field of alternative education.  As the “blog manager” it will be my responsibility to take your questions and put them out to others following our blog and hopefully give useful answers and feedback.  It is also our hope that we can engage in some powerful conversations about alternative education and doing the best to serve our students who are the top priority.

I would ask that everyone send me your questions, thoughts and ideas and I will do my best to get it out there.  We will also frame many of the content around the NAEA Exemplary Practice Standards but not always.

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NAEA National Conference 2018

NAEA Conference

Now as the NAEA Conference comes to a close, let’s share our experiences and give valuable feedback to continue to make the conference even bigger and better than it already is.  So please take a minute a share a brief summary of your thoughts.  Your sharing is very helpful.  Thank you!

Call for Topics

My apologies for not putting up new topics but honestly, we have been just trying to spread the word and get this up and running.  But in attempts to get it up and running, this is a blog post to simply call for topics of interests that you the members of the NAEA and professionals in the field want to discuss, ask about, or just talk to others about.  So let’s hear from you.  Use the comment feature to give thoughts and ideas for future posts.  Remember this is a community type blog and I simply serve as the moderator/blog poster.  So don’t wait let me hear you!!!


Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

Okay, let’s lead off with a subject that I think is a challenge for everyone (alternative ed and comprehensive schools).  So it is being found that the most distracting thing for students in class is their personal electronic devices (PEDs) and the common response is that is part of the 21st century skills so deal with it.  But many know that in many cases a student on a PED in class is typically not looking for the “answer” or information to enhance the class but rather they are looking at text, snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and even more that may not be good to list here.  So here is the question and/or discussion point:  How does your program manage PEDs and their use in an alternative program?  Let’s go folks, weigh in and let’s hear from everyone!cell phone